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Upholstery cleaning

upholstery cleaningWant to bring back the original colours to your sofa and armchairs? Try out the professional upholstery cleaning services of Checked Quality Services. We have been cleaning the upholstered furniture of the residents and businesses of London since 2008. Our cleaners are all trained extensively, vetted and experienced in handling different kinds of upholstery. They can remove different stains from your furniture as well. Plus, they can deep clean your curtains and mattresses for you as well. In fact, if you book more than one service, you will get an amazing discount from the prices. You will also get:

  • Stain removal which is included in the price
  • Preferential prices for early booking and regular customers
  • Eco-friendly, Prochem certified and safe solutions

More details about the sofa cleaning service

Checked Quality Services offers upholstery cleaning services to private and business customers in London. The service is done by trained, vetted, experienced and friendly cleaners. All services are fully insured. Our professional cleaners can clean any kind of upholstery. They will perform an inspection upon arrival to determine the best cleaning method to be applied. They will also make an assessment of any stains on the upholstery and will pre-treat those which are removable. Every single solution which is used to treat the stains and clean your upholstery is tested on a small inconspicuous spot beforehand. The cleaners can use either dry or steam cleaning to deep clean your upholstery. This depends on the textile and condition of the furniture upholstery.

How deep upholstery cleaning is done

The upholstery is thoroughly hoovered with a professional vacuum. The stains are pre-treated and so are the heavily soiled areas. Then, the cleaner proceeds with the deep cleaning. For the steam cleaning, a suitable solution is mixed with water in a powerful steam cleaning machine. It is then injected in the upholstery via the tiny nozzles, under the form of steam. This kills all dust mites and other microorganisms which live in your furniture.Then the cleaner uses clean water to rinse the upholstery with the same machine. During the shampooing and rinsing, even though a lot of water is used, 95% of it is extracted back into the machine. This means that the upholstery is not over-saturated and needs just a few hours to dry.

The dry cleaning method is used for more delicate materials, and materials which are not colourfast and cannot handle water. The benefit of the dry cleaning method is that it requires no drying time.The appropriate dry cleaning solution is embedded in the upholstery and on it with the help of modern machine with tiny brushes. The solution connects with the dirt and residue. The cleaner vacuums it all out. This is an excellent method to clean and rejuvenate your upholstery in a fast and safe manner.

Leather upholstery cleaning

Since leather furniture is very popular in private homes as well as in offices and other business premises, our company has specialised in cleaning and maintaining it. Our cleaners have the knowledge and the equipment to clean the dirt from the pores of your leather furniture. They can also treat some flaking which often occurs when the leather is dry. The cleaning technicians can apply special leather conditioner, to moisturise your leather sofa and to ensure that it doesn’t dry up and start cracking.

To take advantage of the professionalism of our upholstery cleaners, book our upholstery cleaning service now!

Ways to book the professional upholstery cleaning

In order to book our upholstery cleaning service you just need to contact our customer support service. It is available 24/7 to process your booking requests and to answer any questions you may have regarding the services, the prices, the discounts and the booking conditions. Just call 020 3746 3073 or fill out our online booking form with the details of your request. You will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail and SMS within 2 hours of your request.
You can book our services for any day of the week. We do not charge more for cleaning on weekends or bank holidays. If you need emergency upholstery cleaning, we can arrange that too.
Book more than one service at the same time, and we will give you incredible discounts. Our regular customers, landlords and estate agencies get preferential prices. So do customers who book early. No deposit is required for booking. Why not book right away?