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Pest Control

pest controlTired of fighting off those cockroaches at home? Leave the matter to the professional pest technicians from London. We have long years of experience in providing efficient and safe pest control for residential and commercial customers in London. Our pest control technicians are all vetted, experienced and certified to work with the various pest control solutions, pesticides and insecticides. Our professional pest control technicians can resolve all your problems with insect or rodent infestations. They can also offer preventive treatment and actions against future infestations. If you choose our professional pest control services, you are also guaranteed that:

  • Same day, emergency booking I possible
  • All insecticides, pesticides and poisons are from an approved supplier from the UK
  • The service is safe and guaranteed
  • Customer care support
  • No deposit is required for booking.

More info on the pest control service

Our company has been providing the people and businesses of London with a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services for over 6 years. Here at Checked Quality Services we are striving to be the best and top preferred cleaning, maintenance and pest control company in the area. This is why we have hired only vetted, professional and certified pest technicians to provide the pest control service. They are all very meticulously trained and assessed for compliance to the quality and safety requirements of the company and the manufacturers of the insecticides, pesticides and other substances used.
We also offer our customers an option to book the guaranteed pest control service. It has a 3 month quality guarantee, and the price includes 2 follow-up visits and treatment within the 3 months.
Our pest control technicians can control infestations of just about any kind of pests, including annoying crawling insects, such as: cockroaches, fleas, spiders, ants, bed bugs, woodworms, dust mites and silverfish. They will also help you get rid of the flying insects, such as: flies, wasps, moths, bees and carpet beetles. If you have problems with rodents, such as mice, rats or squirrels, or want to limit the access of pigeons to your property, they can help you with that too.

How the pest control service is administered

The pest control technician first does a thorough inspection of the property. The goal is to determine the level of infestation, find and control the possible sources and entrance points of the pests, as well as to limit the potential future risks of infestation. The technician will provide the customer with a detailed report and safety instructions for the precautions which need to be taken before, during and after the treatment.
Then, after the precautions have been taken the treatment is done. If the service booked is guaranteed, the treatment is repeated another 2 times in the following 3 months.

The safety precautions you will need to take

Before the pest control treatment, any pets, including fish have to be removed from the property. The premises which are to be treated have to be hoovered. Everybody should leave the property during the fumigation or pest control treatment, and they need to remain away for up to 2 hours after the treatment has been administered. When they return, all windows should be opened and left open for at least 10 minutes. No hoovering should be done in the following 4 days. Clean out your property from pests, book our services right away!

Booking the pest control service

In order to book the service, call 020 3746 3073 or make an online request here. Our customer care operators will process the request and will send you an SMS and e-mail with booking confirmation. We offer same day, emergency pest control booking. You can also book our professional pest control services for any other day. Regular customers get preferential prices. All of our prices are fixed, and you will never be required to pay in advance. Payment methods are flexible. Book our guaranteed pest control service, and get a 3 month guarantee plus 2 additional treatments during that period. Do not waste another minute, book our pest control service now!