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Oven Cleaning

oven cleaningYour oven seems to be taking more time to cook meals? One of the main reasons for this could be that it is too dirty with residue from burnt food, carbon and grime. Checked Quality Services specialises in professional oven cleaning for private and commercial customers in London. Deep cleaning your oven will not only make cooking faster and much more energy efficient, but will also make the cooked food healthier and tastier. Our skilled oven cleaners are all trained, vetted and will provide you with a fully insured deep cleaning. All solutions used are perfectly safe for you, your food and the environment. If you book our deep oven cleaning services, you are guaranteed to get:

  • Discounts for booking more than one service
  • Small oven repairs and part replacements can be done
  • Use of the dip tank deluxe cleaning method
  • Eco-friendly and safe Prochem certified solutions used only

Information about the deep oven cleaning service

We offer professional deep oven cleaning for private and professional kitchens. The skilled cleaning technicians are experienced and equipped to clean just about any type of oven safely and effectively.
Our professional cleaners use solutions which are professional but all natural, eco-friendly and safe. This means that the oven can be used immediately after the cleaning. There are no damaging fumes which can harm the people and the food.
The dip tank deluxe technique is used to ensure that all parts of the oven or other kitchen appliance are perfectly clean and sanitised.
Our cleaners can also clean your microwave, hob, extractor, cooktop, grill, fridge, freezer and other kitchen appliances.
The appliance is tested before and after the cleaning. All services are fully insured.

More about the dip tank deluxe deep cleaning method

The cleaners arrive at your address and test the oven or other appliance together with you. If it works, they proceed with the deep cleaning.
The oven is carefully and skilfully disassembled. Any removable parts are taken off. This includes: the racks, light protectors, knobs, trays and others.
The parts are then dipped into a safe professional cleaning solution.
The inside and outside of the oven is cleaned thoroughly, so no burnt on carbon, food and grime is left.
Once the parts have been soaked, the cleaner proceed to scrub them and rinse them. After everything is clean and dry, the oven is assembled back together. At the end it is tested once again.

Deep cleaning of other kitchen appliances

Our cleaners are skilled and equipped to clean a number of different kitchen appliances. This includes deep cleaning of: range ovens, double ovens, hotplates, cooktops, extractors, hobs, fridges, freezers, microwaves, barbeques, warming drawers. They can also deep clean other kitchen items and areas, such as: tiles and grout, the splashbacks, ductwork, and others.
If you need your oven or other kitchen appliance or area deep cleaned safely and at an affordable price, book our services right away!

Steps for booking the oven cleaning service

Contact our 24/7 customer care centre right away. Our operators are available 24/7. Describe the type of oven or appliance you want cleaned and pick a day. You can choose today, or any other day of the year. Call 020 3746 3073 or use the online booking request here. You will get an e-mail and SMS with booking confirmation information in less than 2 hours.
No advance payment is required. All cleaning prices are fixed and payed after the service is done. There are no hidden fees. Various payment methods are accepted. Ensure that your oven works properly and cooks safe and healthy food by booking our professional oven cleaning service now!