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Hard Floor Cleaning

hard floor cleaningYou have some quite ugly stains on your otherwise beautiful hardwood floor? Choose the easy fix and call the professionals from Checked Quality Services. We are experts in hard floor cleaning. We offer our services to private and business residents of London. All of our services are fully insured. Our cleaning technicians are vetted, trained and skilled. The equipment and cleaning techniques used are from the newest generation. The solutions are all Prochem certified. They don’t contain harmful chemicals and are safe for children, pets, people with allergies and for the environment. Choose us to clean and rejuvenate your hard floor and you will also get:

  • Floor color rejuventaion
  • Affordable fixed prices
  • Your hard floor will be rejuvenated
  • The slip resistance will be improved
  • The service is available 365 days a year

More information about the hard floor cleaning service

Checked Quality Services offers expert hard floor cleaning service for all people and businesses in London. The cleaners are experienced and equipped to deal with just about any type of hard floor.
They can safely and successfully clean tile, limestone, concrete, wood, vinyl, granite, stone, terracotta and more types of popular and not-so-popular hard floors. The cleaning technicians can also apply a protective sealant to keep your hard floor from getting soiled and stained. Deep cleaning any kind of hard floor will rejuvenate it and will prolong its life. The cleaning treatment also reduces the risk of slippage.

How is the hard floor cleaning service done

One or more of our vetted and experienced cleaners come to your property. They perform an inspection of the hard floor to assess the type of material it is made of as well as its condition. This is important in order to choose the most appropriate solution to be used.
They remove the furniture and hoover the floor with a professional powerful vacuum.The chosen solution is tested on a small and hidden are of the floor for an eventual negative reaction. If everything is all right with the test, the cleaners apply it to the floor by scrubbing it in floors which are not made of wood.
A brush is used to get the solution deep into any grooves and cracks. After that, the floor is rinsed and if necessary – dried. The cleaners proceed to apply protective sealant, protection, wax or other depending on the type of material the floor is made of.Then, depending on the type of protection applied, some drying times is required.

More about the polish stripping, polishing and sealing service

Our cleaners are skilled and properly equipped to remove old polish from your hard floor and re-apply new one. It is important that the polish is applied with the proper equipment and using the proper technique so that it is even and provides that stunning shine to the floor. This is why, it is recommended that this is done by professionals, such as our cleaners.
Polish is applied after deep hard floor cleaning, in order to ensure that there is no residue, dirt, hairs and others left on the floor. It is applied with a modern speed rotary polishing machine.
For hard floors made of natural stone, the cleaners use water based impregnating protection to keep the floor from absorbing spills and staining. All sealants and solutions are eco-friendly and safe for you, your children, your pets and for the environment.

Bring your hard floor back to its original looks by booking the hard floor cleaning services now.

To book the hard floor cleaning service offered by Checked Quality Services, you need to contact our customer care service. It is available 24/7, so your request will be processed within the next 2 hours. Ask for discounts for booking more than one service or for booking early. You can also get more information on the conditions of this service. All of our prices are fixed. We won’t charge you with any hidden taxes. No deposit is required for booking. Regular customers will get preferential prices. You will get a serious discount if you book more than one of the services we offer!

Just call 020 3746 3073 or send your online booking request here now!