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Carpet cleaning

carpet cleaningHaving trouble finding a trustworthy carpet cleaning company to deep clean your rugs and carpets? Checked Quality Services has been in the business of professional carpet cleaning in London since 2008. Every year we have more than 15,000 residential and commercial carpet cleaning customers in the area. We work only with Prochem certified solutions. They are all natural, eco-friendly and safe for people and pets. They are also professional and highly efficient in cleaning, stain removal, deodorising, protecting and other tasks. Our cleaners are all vetted, trained and experienced to handle all kinds of carpets and rugs, and most kinds of stains. If you choose to use our services, you are also sure to receive:

  • Service available every day
  • Fully insured cleaning service
  • Stain removal included in price
  • Affordable prices and no hidden fees

What you need to know about the carpet cleaning services

The professional carpet cleaning services are one of the top specialties of Checked Quality Services. We have been deep cleaning the carpets, rugs, upholstery, mattresses and curtains of the private and business residents of London for more than 6 years. Each year, the number of customers of our professional cleaning and maintenance services is growing. We serve private home owners and tenants, as well as small and big businesses, hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals and other customers in the area. Our skilled professional cleaning technicians can clean any kind of carpet or rug, including even the most delicate and precious ones. Our cleaning services are insured, and the insurance is included in the fixed and affordable price for deep carpet cleaning.

The professional carpet cleaning procedure

If you have heavy furniture on top of the carpet, you may want to remove it prior to your cleaning appointment. The cleaner is usually alone and can’t handle very large furniture. If the furniture cannot be removed, our cleaner will make sure its base or legs are covered with protective padding.
The cleaner performs an initial inspection of your carpet. The reason is to determine the best solutions and cleaning methods to be used. Any stains which can be treated are pre-treated.
The carpet or rug is vacuumed to get as much dust and dirt out of it. The solution chosen for the cleaning is tested on a small hidden spot on the carpet. If there is no negative reaction to it, the cleaner proceeds with the deep cleaning.Deep carpet cleaning can be steam or dry cleaning.

Steam carpet cleaning
The solution is mixed with water in the tan of the professional water extraction steam cleaning machine. When it reaches a boiling point, the cleaner thoroughly shampoos the carpet with the steam emitted. The carpet is then rinsed with steam from clean water. Steam cleaning kills all germs and dust mites, and washes off all dirt and dust. During the process, 95% of the water used is extracted in the machine. Thus the carpet is not over-saturated, which eliminates the risk of damaging the carpet and flooring underneath it. Also, this means that the drying time is reduced to 3-4 hours. The cleaner can use an air movement system to speed the drying times to up to 3 times. Upon request, the cleaner can deodorise or add Scotchgard protection to your carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning
The appropriate dry cleaning solution is applied to the carpet with a special machine. The tiny brushes of the machine stuff the solution gently inside the carpet. The dry carpet cleaning solution connects to and sticks the dust, dirt and residue to itself. When the cleaner hoovers the solution out of the carpet, off goes the dirt too. Dry cleaning requires no drying time. It is used for more delicate carpets, which are not water resistant or colourfast. To order the professional carpet and rug cleaning service, just book it now in one simple step.

The booking procedure for skilled carpet cleaning

Booking any of our services is done through our customer support centre. It is available 24/7. You can either call 020 3746 3073 or use the online booking form. Describe the type, size and condition of the carpet or rug you want cleaned. The operators will process your request and will return a written confirmation by SMS and e-mail to you within 2 hours. If you book a combined service, such as carpet and upholstery cleaning, you will receive a considerable discount from the prices. If you book early, you will get a preferential price. Regular customers also get preferential prices. Booking can be made for any day. There is no added charge for cleaning on weekends and holidays. Same day, emergency carpet cleaning can be provided too. Waste no more time, book our skilled carpet and rug cleaning services now.